Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Fisher & Fisher Law Offices has been successfully representing persons filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for over 30 years in Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Carbon Counties.

  • Wipe Out Credit Cards, Medical Debts, Payday Loans, Personal Loans & Other Unsecured Debts
  • Eliminate Repossession and Foreclosure Debts
  • Protect Your Property from Creditors’ Reach, Stop Creditor Harassment
  • Immediately
  • Stop Garnishments, Bank Levies and Halt Lawsuits
  • Start Rebuilding your Credit
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If you are considering filing Chapter 7, we have the experience to protect your rights and property so you can start anew and begin rebuilding your credit. We caution you against relying on bankruptcy advice and rumors relayed by friends or family.  Although they have your best interests in mind, they may not possess the knowledge of bankruptcy law necessary to give legal advice. Each person’s situation is different, and has to be considered carefully. Call Fisher & Fisher Law Offices today for a free consultation.

Typically, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy works best for people who:

  • Have a lot of credit card and medical debt.
  • Are receiving collection calls and notices.
  • Do not own much property.
  • Don’t have enough income to pay off bills.
  • Possess below-stellar credit.
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If this sounds like you, call Fisher & Fisher Law Offices. Your road to financial recovery starts with us:

  1. We analyze your debt so you will know which debts are dischargeable.
  2. We determine your property exemptions under Pennsylvania law.
  3. We make sure you are eligible.
  4. We redeem or reaffirm secured debts.
  5. We complete and file the bankruptcy forms.
  6. We represent you in court.
  7. We file objections or motions if needed.
  8. We wind up your secured debts.
  9. We get your discharge.
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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.