If you’re found guilty after a trial, you’re entitled to an appeals process. This process varies depending upon the crime, but there are always critical time deadlines by which you must file an appeal. Fisher & Fisher Law Offices has a 30 year record of successful appeals for our clients in Northeast Pennsylvania, including Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Northampton Counties.

In Pennsylvania, you generally have 30 days after the court enters an order to file an appeal of that order, so timely action is necessary. If you call Fisher & Fisher today for a free consultation we can begin to move forward quickly to make sure all the necessary paperwork is filed and begin to work on your behalf.

Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and a history of zealously representing our clients before judges and juries. We leave no stone unturned in ascertaining all aspects of your case and using our extensive legal knowledge to help achieve the best possible outcome.

There are numerous reasons for an appeal from a guilty verdict in a criminal case, including what’s called “legal error.” Legal error may include:

  • Allowing inadmissible evidence during the criminal process, including evidence that was obtained in violation of your constitutional rights
  • Lack of sufficient evidence to support a verdict of guilty
  • Mistakes in the judge’s instructions to the jury regarding your case

You may also appeal due to misconduct on behalf of the jurors, or if there is newly discovered evidence to exonerate you.

The appeals process is complicated but our legal team will clearly explain how the law applies to your case and formulate a legal approach to help you achieve the results you seek. Call Fisher & Fisher today for a free consultation on your appeal.

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