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Fisher & Fisher Law Offices has been serving clients throughout Monroe, Wayne, Carbon, Pike, Lackawanna, Northampton and Luzerne counties in northeastern Pennsylvania, obtaining social security disability benefits for over thirty (30) years. If you, a member of your family, or a friend has earnings that have stopped as a result of an injury or disability, an injured or disabled person may be entitled to social security disability benefits.

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The staff at Fisher & Fisher Law Offices can assist you with answering questions regarding social security disability, assisting with completing the necessary forms and paperwork, and assist you in obtaining the benefits that you deserve. If you have already applied for social security disability benefits and have been turned down, Fisher & Fisher Law Offices can help you with your appeal. If you have, in fact, been turned down for social security benefits, please contact us immediately, as there is a limited time in which you may appeal.

1. The attorneys and staff at Fisher & Fisher Law Offices can help you with your social security disability case by preparing and filing the appeal forms, documents, and paperwork necessary to properly start the appeal process.

2. By medical records and your ongoing treatment after you have filed your appeal, and forwarding the appropriate documents to the case examiner and/or judge.

3. Obtaining additional and supportive reports or opinions from your medical providers to assist with your claim.

4. To prepare yourself or potentially testifying before an administrative law judge at your social security disability hearing. The attorneys at Fisher & Fisher Law Offices have been successful in obtaining social security benefits for numerous clients over the last thirty (30) years.

We would like to provide you with some general advice regarding social security disability:

1. If you are unable to work due to injury or disability, you should pursue the social security disability claim as soon as possible. The social security disability process can take a long time from beginning to end. As a result, it is in your best interest to begin the process immediately.

2. You should continue with your regular ongoing medical treatment and/or therapy. When the judge or case examiner reviews your file, which will include your past medical records, the judge or examiner will need to confirm that you are currently disabled and entitled to benefits. Additionally, large gaps in medical treatment may erroneously indicate that your symptoms, ailments, and limitations may not exist or does not exist to the level that you are claiming. Also, if your attorney believes he can assist your claim, he may be requesting a medical opinion from your medical provider. If the medical provider has not recently treated you, it will be difficult for the medical provider to prepare the requested opinion.

3. You should engage Fisher & Fisher Law Offices to assist you with your social security disability appeal. The paperwork and documentation required to properly file a social security disability claim can be lengthy and complicated. The attorneys and staff at Fisher & Fisher Law Offices can assist you with completely, properly and in a timely filing your appeal. (All appeals for social security disability must be filed within sixty (60) days of the date of the last denial.)

4. Free consultations regarding social security disability.

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For excellent service with Social Security Disability matters, contact the attorneys at northeastern Pennsylvania’s law firm – Fisher & Fisher Law Offices.