Pennsylvania Inheritance Taxes

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Pennsylvania Does Not Have an Estate Tax

Although Pennsylvania does not have an Estate Tax it is one of seven states that assess an Inheritance Tax on certain property owned by a resident and real estate or personal property located in Pennsylvania which is owned by a non-resident. Transfers to surviving spouses, from minor children to a parent, and charitable beneficiaries are exempt but all other classes of beneficiary are subject to inheritance tax.

Avoid Pocono Inheritance Fines and Unnecessary Inheritance Losses

The laws governing Pennsylvania inheritance taxes are complex and failure to pay them properly can result in expensive fines and unnecessary costs. Fisher & Fisher Law Offices has been helping families settle inheritance tax liabilities for over 30 years in Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Northampton Counties. We provide service and value to families by handling inheritance tax obligations smoothly and efficiently with an eye on preserving the most assets possible for the beneficiaries.

Timely Filing of Inheritance Taxes & Discounts

Timely filing and correct payment is crucial. Fisher & Fisher Law Offices will help you take advantage of Pennsylvania’s 5% discount on inheritance tax and avoid extra fees or interest costs by filing the inheritance tax return within the prescribed time period.

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