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A car accident can change your life in an instant and forever. Even modest injuries can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills and result in lost work and lost income. Before you speak to any insurance company and the bills start piling up, call Fisher & Fisher Law Offices for aggressive representation to help you receive the compensation you need and deserve. For over 30 years we have been successfully representing accident victims in Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Northampton Counties.

Pennsylvania laws regarding car accidents and auto insurance can be complicated and confusing. You need Fisher & Fisher’s team of experienced legal professionals to assist you.

A car accident often raises much more involved issues than merely who failed to yield, or who might have been speeding. Was there faulty equipment or even poor road design that caused your accident? Was the other driver intoxicated or otherwise driving impaired? Be assured we will pursue every avenue possible on your behalf.

You should be aware your call to any insurance company is recorded and is considered a legal statement, so the first call you should make to fully protect your rights is to Fisher & Fisher Law Offices for a free consultation.

2012 Pennsylvania Auto Accident Statistics

  • 124,092 auto accidents reported in Pennsylvania.
  • 87,846 people were injured in Pennsylvania accidents. Over 1,300 people were killed.
  • One out of 44 people were involved in a car accident.
  • One out of 9,743 people were killed in a car accident.
  • One out of 147 people were injured in a car accident.
  • 168 pedestrians killed and 4,548 injured in car accidents.
  • Head-on crashes (4,315) caused 129 deaths.
  • 7,033 crashes in 2012 involved one vehicle sideswiping another.
  • Drivers ages 21-25 represented the largest number of people involved in accidents. Drivers ages 16-20 had the second-largest number.
  • Ice and ice patches contributed to 2,684 crashes and 17 deaths in Pennsylvania.
  • Brake-related defects contributed to 847 crashes.
  • Drowsy drivers contributed to 2,673 crashes, including 24 fatal crashes.
  • There were 404 alcohol-related deaths.
  • Of drivers ages 21-25 killed in accidents, 40% were drinking drivers.
  • Each day on average, there were 33 alcohol-related crashes.
  • Alcohol-related accidents represented 31% of all traffic collisions.
  • Of the total traffic collision deaths, 56.4% involved passengers or drivers who weren’t wearing seat belts.

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