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Fisher & Fisher has extensive experience litigating Social Security Appeals before administrative law judges. Our legal team knows how to present your case in a light most beneficial to assist you in obtaining your social security benefits. We can help you to increase your chances of success when you are at your hearing by asking the relevant questions, presenting the kind of evidence that produces positive results, and properly answering questions from the examiner or judge assigned to your case.

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Our Attorneys Can Often Increase SSI & SSD Claim Success

A knowledgeable and experienced attorney can greatly increase the likelihood of a successful Social Security or Disability claim. The experienced team at Fisher & Fisher Law Offices will collect all relevant medical records, file the correct paperwork, and meet critical deadlines. Our staff and legal team keep you informed during every step of this complicated legal process.

Fisher & Fisher is proud to have been successfully representing Social Security clients for over 30 years throughout Monroe, Wayne, Carbon, Pike, Lackawanna, Northampton and Luzerne counties in northeastern Pennsylvania. Your free consultation with Fisher & Fisher will help to quickly determine both your eligibility the correct legal course for you.

Social Security, SSD, SSI Time Limits and Deadlines

Time limits and deadlines are critical in Social Security, SSDI, and SSI claims, and missing them will result in the loss of the right to appeal, so call Fisher & Fisher Law Offices today for a free, no-obligation consultation and let us use our knowledge and experience to fight for you.

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