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Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Gouldsboro

If you were involved in a car accident in or near the Gouldsboro area and need some solid legal advice look no further than Fisher & Fisher Law Offices. For over 30 years Fisher & Fisher has represented clients in Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Northampton, and Carbon counties. We have extensive experience in cases of automobile accident injury and property damage and helped clients recover cost caused by car accidents.

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Automobile accidents are a common occurrence in the Gouldsboro area with interstate 380 running close by and its many small and winding roads which are scenic but sometimes treacherous. Out-of-town visitors trying to find their way to their destinations contribute to the general confusion. Road construction on almost every road compounds the traffic congestion with a multitude of signs, lane changes, and various cones or barriers.

Gouldsboro Auto Accident Attorneys Who Care

A car accident can leave you shaken up and not in the best frame of mind to make good decisions or choices. If you received paperwork from your insurance company offering settlement that you are not satisfied with or you are uncertain about signing you should consult with Fisher & Fisher. Insurance companies always seek to limit their total liability in the case of accidents. If there was an injury to you or another person in the collision, legal advice is certainly necessary.

Medical treatment for injuries sustained in an accident could have long-lasting costs and effects on your physical health. It is important to make sure you don’t sign away your right to recover damages for extended rehabilitation or loss of quality of life.

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Lawyers for Major and Minor Accidents in Gouldsboro Pennsylvania

Did you know that one out of eight drivers is completely uninsured? Also, the number of under insured drivers is far greater. This means it could be difficult to collect adequate damages in a Gouldsboro collision involving those drivers. Call Fisher & Fisher Law Offices and let them help you pursue all avenues in the efforts to make you whole again and to get a satisfactory settlement.

In Gouldsboro accidents with trucks or other commercial vehicles there are number of things that Fisher & Fisher can pursue on your behalf. We would inquire if the truck was properly maintained and if there was any faulty equipment involved. Was the driver operating the vehicle in a safe manner and obeying all state and federal regulations? Was the driver taking prescription medications or over-the-counter medications that might have affected his or her driving was the driver suffering from an illness that could have affected his or her driving skills. Had the driver been using alcohol, marijuana, or another drug? Of course, the most common or one of the most common causes of vehicle accidents is distracted driving. Was the driver using a cell phone or tablet at the time of the accident? These are only some of the inquiries we would make.

Sometimes unsafe road conditions are the cause of accidents. Besides the traffic congestion in Gouldsboro, drivers are frequently confronted with unfinished roads and hazardous road conditions. Sometimes improper maintenance of the road itself can cause an accident. Out-of-town visitors are usually unfamiliar with local construction and signage. They easily become distracted and disoriented. They may make sudden stops, abrupt lane changes or turns with no signal or warning.

You Are Not Alone
Pennsylvania drivers put over a billion miles on their cars and trucks last year and every year that number continues to climb. As drivers cover more miles, more accidents occur. In 2017 there were about 130,000 reported crashes in Pennsylvania. These resulted in almost 81,000 injuries. The chances of being injured in an accident are two out of three. The types of injuries range from fairly minor to very severe and even disabling.

The United States experiences about 1.3 million deaths every year from automobile accidents. That’s over 3,000 each day. Although commercial air travel may actually be statistically safer than driving, people like the flexibility and autonomy of driving their own cars. As cars become even more fuel efficient people feel free to put even more miles on their cars.

Know and Protect Your Legal Rights

The skilled lawyers at Fisher & Fisher Law Offices in Gouldsboro have accumulated over 50 years of auto accident experience and success in pursuing injury and damage claims. When you come to Fisher & Fisher for help you are our first priority.

If you were in an accident in Gouldsboro and need top quality legal advice, don’t delay. Call Fisher & Fisher today. Our initial consultation is totally free and there’s no obligation. Take action now to protect your rights and your financial security with Fisher & Fisher Law Offices.

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