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If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in or near Wind Gap it probably ruined your day. Rest assured you are one of around a hundred and thirty thousand Pennsylvanians who are involved in car crashes every year. If you developed legal or financial problems as a result of that accident you should call Fisher & Fisher Law Offices. For over 30 years Fisher & Fisher has been represented victims of accidents to help them recover costs and damages incurred after that unfortunate event. Fisher & Fisher Law serves clients in Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Carbon, Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Northampton Counties.

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Sometimes insurance companies request that their customers sign papers immediately after an accident while they’re still shaken up and not necessarily thinking clearly. You should seek legal advice first. Insurance companies always seek to limit their liability. Around two thirds of all automobile accidents in Wind Gap and abroad result in some kind of injury ranging from minor to severe. Often the long-term costs for those injuries are not clear and the long-term effects or not known. If you found yourself wondering whether to sign papers sent by your insurance company you should first consult with Fisher & Fisher law offices. You want to make sure your rights and financial security are protected.

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Around thirteen percent or one in eight drivers are uninsured, so the chances of being involved in an accident with someone who with no insurance or who is underinsured is fairly high. Fisher & Fisher attorneys can thoroughly and aggressively pursue all avenues to recover damages and get you a settlement even in those cases.

Accidents in Wind Gap involving a truck a commercial vehicle large commercial vehicle are much more likely to result in serious injuries. Fisher & Fisher Law Offices can work hard to investigate all possibilities in the case of commercial vehicle accidents. We would inquire if the truck was properly maintained and equipped. Was the driver operating the vehicle in a safe manner? Was there faulty equipment involved? Was the driver obeying traffic regulations? Was the driver taking over-the-counter or prescription medication? What’s the driver suffering from any conditions or illness that would have impaired his or her driving? Was the driver using alcohol, marijuana, or some other illegal drugs? And, of course, the leading cause of accidents today is distracted driving. Was the driver on his or her cell phone at the time of the accident?

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Lawyers for Minor and Major Accidents in Tough Surroundings

The roads in and around Wind Gap seem to be constantly under construction and, even when they are not, drivers are constantly trying to dodge potholes or deer or other drivers. Wind Gap roads are also frequently filled with visitors who are unfamiliar with the local roads and signage. They make sudden, unexpected movements or lane changes, blow through traffic lights and stop signs, or simply stop in the middle of the road. Route 33, running through Wind Gap, sometimes spills traffic onto the local roads because of accidents or road construction. You often have to find alternate routes to your destinations by going through Bangor, Bath, or Mount Bethel.
Regional attractions that have helped to boost our local economies have also brought with them increased traffic and an unfortunate increase in car accidents.

You Are Not Alone
Every day in the United States almost 3,300 people die in traffic accidents. That adds up over the year to 1.3 million. Those accidents also result in 20 to 50 million people who are injured or permanently disabled as a result of those car and truck crashes. Although the total number of vehicular deaths has decreased slightly, the risk of injury has remained constant. In Wind Gap and Pennsylvania overall, over eighty thousand people were injured in vehicle accidents. That number will only increase as people choose drive more and more miles per year. Last year, PA drivers covered over a billion miles.

Know Your Legal Rights After an Accident

The attorneys at Fisher & Fisher Law Offices have over 50 years of experience with automobile accident injury claims. You can be assured that your interest is always our first priority. If you have need legal advice regarding a car accident in Wind Gap, especially with costly damage or injury claim, don’t wait. Call Fisher & Fisher Law Offices now. Our consultation is free. There is no obligation. Let us help you protect your rights and your financial security.

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