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The term “legal separation” has no legal status and is not recognized under Pennsylvania law. However, you and your spouse can voluntarily enter into a Separation Agreement, which is a legally binding document that can protect both parties during the period of separation. Such an Agreement can address a wide variety of issues, such as spousal and child support, alimony, child custody arrangements and visitation schedules, as well as the division of your property and debts.

In Pennsylvania, spouses can be considered to be “separated” even if they still reside in the same household. The date of separation can have a significant impact on the valuation of marital assets in certain cases.

Acquiring the services of the experienced and skilled attorneys at Fisher & Fisher Law Offices can help you avoid many common pitfalls and make this life transition as smooth as possible. In the last three decades we have been negotiating separation agreements for our clients in Northeast Pennsylvania, including Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Northampton Counties.

A Separation Agreement can address many marital issues, including:

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Division of Property
Often, when couples separate, the party who is leaving the marital residence will desire to take certain household furnishings and other items of personal property. The Separation Agreement can establish what items can be removed, and whether this division of property is permanent, or intended to be temporary and simply for the convenience of the parties.

A Separation Agreement can provide for child and/or spousal support payments during the period of separation. The dependent spouse can rely upon the fact that he or she will be supported during the pending divorce proceedings.

As with support, custody arrangements can also be made through a Separation Agreement so that the party who has moved out can be assured that he or she will maintain contact with his or her child. The Agreement will generally designate which party has primary physical custody of the child, and can also include a detailed visitation schedule.

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