Full-Service Marshalls Creek Attorneys on Your Side

Fisher and Fisher Law Offices staffs Marshalls Creek Attorneys for your legal needs. Marshalls Creek, Pennsylvania is a part of Pocono Mountain region in the area of Monroe County. Fisher and Fisher Law Offices has employed the finest Marshalls Creek attorneys for over thirty years. Our Marshalls Creek lawyers engage in most facets of civil and criminal law and are always available to help with your legal needs. Fisher and Fisher’s Marshalls Creek attorneys regularly appear at the local Courthouses in Pennsylvania to handle most all legal matters.

Like the rest of the Poconos, there is an abundance of natural beauty and opportunities for recreation in the Marshalls Creek Pennsylvania area. Residents and visitors enjoy the wide selection of activities provided by natural areas and historic sites. It is home to state game lands, state parks, and the Marshalls Creek Army Depot.

Marshalls Creek and the entire Pocono area remains primarily rural, but there are many areas our Marshalls Creek Attorneys can help in legal matters. There are numerous sites allocated for commercial and industrial expansion. You will see much development in Marshalls Creek. Marshalls Creek houses more than 1,600 residents according to the 2000 United States Census.

Our firm’s Marshalls Creek Attorneys practice Divorce LawPersonal Injury Law, Real Estate LawWills, Trusts And Estates LawCriminal LawBankruptcy Law and Social Security Disability Law.

Marshalls Creek Attorneys Provide Personalized Attention To Clients

Fisher & Fisher’s Marshalls Creek Attorneys pride themselves on their ability to provide sound legal advice and personalized attention to our clients. Our Marshalls Creek Attorneys/Lawyers collectively have over 75 years of legal experience. Fisher and Fisher Law Office’s lawyers are more than happy to assist you with your legal needs, questions and issues.

Marshalls Creek Attorneys Provide Convenient Legal Service

Our firm’s vast experience enables our Marshalls Creek Attorneys to handle the most complex legal issues and provide concise legal advice during difficult times. Our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to make themselves available to their clients. Our service is consistently highly rated by all of our clients.

Our Marshalls Creek Attorneys/Lawyers Convenient Legal Services Encompass

  • Social Security & Disability Law which includes injuries and disabilities related to Social Security benefits
  • Criminal law which includes: DUI/DWI, traffic citations, drug arrests, felony charges
  • Family Law, which includes: divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, property settlement agreement; adoption
  • Probate Law – Wills, Trusts and Estates Law, which includes: Estate administration, Inheritance Tax Issues, Will preparation, Probate, Powers of Attorney, and estate planning
  • Personal Injury Law, which includes: car accidents, defective products, social security disability claims and other serious injury matters
  • Bankruptcy Law, which includes: credit cards, foreclosure, tax sales and repossessions
  • Real Estate Law, which includes: closing representation, contract preparation, house closing litigation, tax sale litigation

Contact Fisher and Fisher Law Offices today for assistance you with all your legal needs. For the best Marshalls Creek Attorneys around, contact the Poconos highly-acclaimed Monroe County PA law firm – Fisher & Fisher Law Offices of the Poconos.