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The Pocono Mountains are a beautiful place to live, but not the most safe to drive. Deer and other wildlife are often on our roads as they adjoin State Game Lands, The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and tons of great county parks and Open Space. The wildlife is not the only road hazard, so car accidents often abound.

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Route 80 which winds through our region is under constant construction as is Route 611 resulting in unpredictable and constantly changing traffic patterns. The resulting congested traffic in the downtown areas of East Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg or Mount Pocono and all the miles of side roads in between make for frustrated drivers especially on holidays and weekends when those who come to our area to enjoy our resorts with family, or those who travel to attend the Pocono Raceway are unaware of detours and often get lost causing even more traffic snags. Simply put driving in the beautiful Poconos is no walk in the water park.

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If you have had a minor fender bender on the way to the golf course or a major accident on the highway, you know a car accident can change your life in an instant and forever. We understand the accident injuries can leave you with life altering pain and suffering. Even modest injuries can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills and result in lost work and lost wages.

Before you speak to any insurance company and the bills start piling up, call Fisher & Fisher Law Offices for aggressive representation to help accident victims receive the compensation you need through the fair settlement your case deserves. For over 30 years we have been successfully representing accident victims in Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Northampton Counties.

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Pennsylvania laws regarding motor vehicle accidents and auto insurance can be complicated and confusing. If you have experienced a collision, you need Fisher & Fisher’s team of experienced legal professionals to assist you.

A car accident often raises much more involved issues than merely who failed to yield, or who might have been speeding. Was there faulty equipment or even poor road design or unusual traffic patterns that caused your car crash? Was the other driver intoxicated or otherwise driving impaired? Be assured our attorneys will pursue every avenue possible on your behalf.

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You should be aware after an auto accident, your call to any insurance company is recorded, and the information you give to answer their questions regarding your car accident and the accident claim, especially details regarding potential personal injury, is considered a legal statement! The first call you should make to fully protect your rights is to Fisher & Fisher Law Offices for a free consultation from an experienced accident lawyer. Our lawyers have successfully navigated countless accident cases, including those with serious investigation, pedestrians, and property damages.

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