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Typically entering the world of real estate through the current market and embarking on the home ownership journey in the East Stroudsburg or Stroudsburg area for the first time is exciting.You are making a wise investment in your quality of life to buy in the Poconos, as it is a picturesque, family friendly area in which to work and to live. East Stroudsburg is located along interstate 80 and within commuting distance of New York City and Philadelphia. The Poconos has a wonderful mix of urban and rural communities. It has many attractions, restaurants, outdoor activities and recreation opportunities, like hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Sometimes though, making a real estate investment can be scary, and Fisher and Fisher is here to make sure you don’t make any legal missteps in closing on all of your potential real estate transactions.

If you are purchasing a home within the East Stroudsburg Area School District, either near the Pocono Medical Center or Street in Downtown East Stroudsburg. Maybe you would like to buy into a special condominium or one of the many historical apartment suites in East Stroudsburg, or just secure the perfect piece of property for future building in East Stroudsburg. Be aware, you may run into environmental regulations especially if you are located along the Delaware River or Brodhead Creek or one of the many Pocono lakes which require the unique experience we’ve acquired through years of working in real estate law in Northeastern Pennsylvania and throughout Monroe County. Although the laws change frequently, especially building a zoning laws which could affect your ability to attain a permit for commercial use, we are on the front edge of the rulings which could affect your property today or possibly down the line when you plan to sell.

Before you enter into any type of real estate contract, have a real estate attorney from Fisher & Fisher who will know best of to help make sure you don’t miss anything on the selling or buying of your next residential or commercial real estate purchase.After 30 years of experience serving as professional real estate attorneys,Fisher & Fisher real estate lawyers will protect you in your real estate transactions. They have seen and understand the ramifications of all of the potential legal documents regarding your unique real estate transaction.

Governed by federal, state and local laws, real estate law encompasses a wide range of services, such as title insurance policies, title searches, home inspections, building codes, taxes, mortgage financing, sellers’ disclosure requirements, and countless environmental and zoning issues.We highly recommend our clients inspect and review in detail the housing and mortgage stipulations with your real estate agent and potentially your mortgage broker as well. Again, be sure to have our expert attorney make a professional review of the mortgage documents before you sign.

If you are working on financing through a United States bank on a first time home buyer loan or you have a home equity loan, we have worked in so many varied cases, we know the questions to ask of the bank and of your real estate agent. If you are purchasing a foreclosure property as an investment or home residence, we can help you in that specialized case as well. In order to make sure you as the buyer or seller are getting the best negotiation and to protect your rights, our lawyers answer all of your questions regarding the purchase contract and help protect you from all possible hidden liabilities. We will sit with you and review all of the information and real estate documents including your title property search, mortgage and tax papers. Our real estate lawyers can even attend your closing to address any questions or issues that may arise from all parties involved including the real estate brokers,and we make sure that when the proceedings are finished you have in your hand the documents and the contract to prove legal ownership in the state of Pennsylvania.

In most real property transactions, the seller employs a real estate broker to solicit potential buyers for his or her property. The listing agreement is signed by both buyer and seller, stipulating that the broker agrees to find a home buyer who is ready to purchase the seller’s property, and in return, the seller agrees to pay a commission to the broker if the sale is successful. A real estate broker may also serve to assist a buyer in locating a desirable piece of property.

Commercial real estate is also part of our practice. These proceedings and agreements involve an increased complexity as your business will need a special mortgage and the tax implications require extra permits from Harrisburg. We want the purchase or sale to go smoothly for you, as we can anticipate beforehand what steps need to be taken preparing you for any potential pitfalls. We know the specifics of closing costs and how they are allocated appropriately to make sure you don’t pay costs that are not your responsibility or any hidden fees.

We can assist you with a foreclosure defense in East Stroudsburg if you need help with these disputes. We can make sure your rights are upheld so there is no misunderstanding. We have significant experience helping clients in this unfortunate situation. When you default on mortgage payments, the financial institution or bank that holds the mortgage may proceed to foreclose on the property. Foreclosure will transfer legal ownership back to the lender to gain back its’ investment. The foreclosure could result in a judgment and the sale of your property. We want to help you in preventing this very unfortunate circumstance.

The countless relationships we’ve built with our home buyers, sellers and commercial business clients have helped earn the trust of all of our highly satisfied clients. You can review our authentic testimonies on our testimony page to be reassured we are committed to providing the best legal services for all of our personal clients and business teams and business persons. We make sure you are satisfied with your attorney’s representation. If any problem arises, we work to resolve it immediately. Then when you share about your positive real estate purchasing experience with your East Stroudsburg community friends, we will be assured we have established another invaluable relationship earning your trust. We also provide quick responsive high speed services and handle cases involving personal injury, criminal defense, and commercial litigation.

If you area student at East Stroudsburg University and working with a landlord in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, be aware individuals can now create their own lease agreements through on-line legal internet sites, which might not be legally binding. Our real estate lawyer can help you determine whether or not your landlord/tenant lease agreement can hold you bound and responsible in all instances or disputes. Save yourself a headache and potential litigation and hire a real estate attorney to quickly look over any lease before you sign. Our very affordable attorney fee can save you significant sums in dual rents in the future, if you have to move before a lease is up, but you continue rental payments when you don’t legally have to.

Contact Fisher and Fisher law firm today to arrange for a free, initial consultation. We will provide you with a straightforward outline of the experienced attorney help we can provide you as you enter into your unique home buying real estate dealings. We are familiar with a large majority of the neighborhoods and communities in the area and can give you a clear understanding of Home Owner Association fees and policies. We will help guide you and recommend you avoid the implications which have brought other distressed home buyers into our offices after the fact. Let us save you money, time and aggravation. We have worked with countless Pocono Mountains builders and construction firms which have built a reputation for Fisher & Fisher of integrity in Monroe County.

Call us at or stop in at any one of our four Poconos offices, and we can further discuss your case and provide you with a written summary of expected fees and hourly charges. We can then look at our calendars and schedule an in-depth consultation session helping to better understand and meet your real estate law needs. Just remember this is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime and our attorney charges and fees will protect your investment and potentially save you considerable fees down the line.