Experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Tobyhanna PA

Real estate law reaches far beyond just transactions and closings. It also involves matters such as, boundary disputes, easements and rights to usage/access, landlord- tenant disputes, actions to quiet title, breach of contract claims, mechanic’s liens, construction-contractor disputes, tax sale litigation, foreclosures, sheriff’s sales and more. If you are facing any of these real estate situations, we can resolve your property dispute and aggressively protect your property interests.

If you are entering into the world of real estate and home ownership in the Tobyhanna market, congratulations. Make sure you have areal estate attorney from Fisher & Fisher help you navigate the buying or selling of residential or commercial real estate before you sign any real estate contract.After over 30 years of experience serving as professional real estate attorneys, Fisher & Fisher real estate lawyers know how to protect you in your real estate transactions. They understand all of the potential implications of the countless legal documents regarding your unique real estate transaction.

Also, be sure to have our real estate expert attorney make careful review of the mortgage documents prior to signing anything. Real estate transactions are governed by federal, state and local laws, encompassing a wide array of areas, such as mortgage financing, sellers’ disclosure requirements, title insurance, title search, home inspections, building codes, taxes, environmental and zoning issues.We encourage all of our clients to closely inspect and review the housing and mortgage stipulations with your agent and mortgage broker.

Maybe you would like to purchase a home, or buy into a condominium, or just secure the perfect piece of property for future building in Tobyhanna. Be aware, you may run into environmental regulations which require the unique experience we’ve acquired through years of working in real estate law in the Poconos and throughout Monroe County. Building and zoning laws change frequently, which could affect your ability to attain a permit for commercial use. Fisher and Fisher attorneys are on the front edge of the rulings which could affect your property today or possibly down the line when you plan to sell.

If you are working on financing through a United States bank on a first time home buyer loan or you have a home equity loan, we have worked in so many varied cases, we know the questions to ask of the bank and of your real estate agent. If you are purchasing a foreclosure property as an investment or home residence, we can help you in that specialized case as well. In order to make sure you as the buyer or seller are getting the best negotiation and to protect your rights, our lawyers answer all of your questions regarding the purchase contract and help protect you from all possible hidden liabilities.

We will sit with you and review all of the information and real estate documents including your title property search, mortgage and tax papers. Our real estate lawyers can even attend your closing to address any questions or issues that may arise from all parties involved including the real estate brokers, and we make sure that when the proceedings are finished you have in your hand the documents and the contract to prove legal ownership in your state.

If you are facing government condemnation of your Tobyhanna property, you should immediately contact a competent real estate attorney to maximize your recovery and minimize the costs. The Poconos has had a history of imminent domain disputes, and numerous properties have been condemned for a host of reasons. Government entities and certain utilities have the authority under Pennsylvania law to condemn real property for a number of purposes, including urban redevelopment or the expansion of utility company projects. This development can include the construction, installation or expansion of highways and roadways, utility lines, water treatment facilities and other commercial and residential redevelopment projects.

Although these authorized entities may have the legal right to take your property, they also have the responsibility to pay just compensation for the taking. Pennsylvania law has established procedures for such eminent domain proceedings, including filing notice of the taking, scheduling hearings, and legal proceedings to determine the fair market value or replacement value of the property.

In our practice we also work in commercial real estate proceedings and agreements, which have an added level of complexity involved as your business will need a special mortgage. The purchase sale in your real estate matter should go smoothly for you, as we can anticipate the require real estate hoops that need to be jumped beforehand and can prepare you for each hurdle. We know the specifics of closing costs and how they are allocated appropriately to make sure you don’t pay more than you have to.

If you need a foreclosure defense in Tobyhanna, we can assist you with these disputes as well. We can help clearly define your rights so there is no misunderstanding, as we have significant experience helping clients in this situation.When a borrower defaults by failing to make mortgage payments, the bank or financial institution that holds the mortgage note may foreclose on the property. Foreclosure basically transfers legal ownership of the property to the lender to allow the lender to recoup its investment. The foreclosure process involves formal legal proceedings; and, if the lender is successful in proving that you failed to make your payments, will ultimately result in the entry of a judgment and the sale of your property.

Have the taxes on your property increased beyond the value of your home in Tobyhanna due to an inaccurate assessment? We conduct a detailed analysis of comparable sales that define the actual market value of your property, to determine if Monroe County has assessed a value to your property that exceeds the current fair market value. This analysis utilizes data relating to comparable property values in Tobyhanna, ratios established by the Pennsylvania State Tax Equalization Board and the impact of changing market conditions on your property value, in an effort to reduce your property taxes.

We have worked with a number of the countless builders and construction firms and have built a reputation of integrity, and our attorney charges and fees are an investment which will protect your interest, your family and save you considerable fees down the line.You may be working with a landlord as a tenant in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania where individuals can now draw up lease agreements through on-line legal internet sites, which might not be legally binding. Our real estate lawyer can help you determine whether or not your landlord/tenant lease agreement can hold you bound and responsible in all instances or disputes. Save yourself a headache and potential litigation and hire a real estate attorney to quickly look over any lease before you sign. Our very affordable attorney fee can actually save you significant sums down the line in dual rents, if you have to move before a non-binding lease is up, but you don’t realize you are under no obligation to continue rental payments if they are charged beyond a certain period of time.

The innumerable relationships we’ve established with our helped home buyers, sellers and commercial business clients has been built on earned trust. You can review all of our testimonies to be reassured we work tirelessly to provide the best legal services for all of our personal clients and business teams and business persons. We make sure you are satisfied with our work and representation, and if there is a problem, it is resolved immediately.When you refer your Tobyhanna neighbors, we will know we have built another invaluable relationship helping our clients in Tobyhanna and earning their trust. We also provide services and handle cases involving personal injury, criminal defense, and commercial litigation.

Once your real estate transaction is complete, don’t forget you might need a deed. A deed is a document that transfers an ownership interest and must always be in writing, and must be delivered to the buyer at closing. A knowledgeable real estate attorney can review the deed to ensure that it is accurate and has been properly drafted and executed.

We are familiar with most of the neighborhoods and communities in the Poconos and have a clear understanding of a majority of the Home Owner Association fees and policies to help guide you and recommend you steer clear of implications to be avoided. We have a history representing several municipalities, and we have extensive experience and knowledge of the municipal planning process, including conditional uses, special exceptions, subdivisions, land developments, variances and lot combinations. Throughout the land use and planning process, you need an attorney who is experienced in municipal law, and can provide you with sound guidance and advice to ensure the success of your development project.

Contact Fisher and Fisher law firm today for a free initial consultation and a straightforward outline of the experienced attorney help we can provide for you as you begin to negotiate on your land or house in your particular home buying real estate dealings. Call us at or stop in at any one of our four Poconos offices and we can further discuss your real estate law needs and provide you with a written summary of expected fees and hourly charges following an in depth session to gather information.