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Fisher and Fisher is your source for competent, experienced Stroudsburg Lawyers. Fisher and Fisher Law Office’s lawyers have served Stroudsburg and the rest of Northeastern Pennsylvania with over 75 years of experience. Our attorneys practice in numerous areas of law in Stroudsburg, including: adoption, bankruptcy, car accidents, criminal law, DUI & DWI law, family law, foster care, personal injury cases, real estate law, truck accidents, trusts, wills, and estate law.

Fisher and Fisher Law Office’s lawyers strive to provide sound, concise and practical legal advice during the difficult situations you may encounter. Our Stroudsburg Lawyers regularly appear in both the Stroudsburg and/or Northeastern Pennsylvania courts such as the Monroe county courthouse in PA. Many of our Stroudsburg attorneys appear in court on a daily basis, and are known and respected in the courts, the community at large, and organizations like the Bar Association of PA. We’ve been nominated in the Pocono Record Reader’s Choice Awards for the last 7 years now and have either won the top award or as a runner up each of those last 7 years as well.

Stroudsburg Lawyers Conveniently Available To Serve Local Clients

Fisher and Fisher Law Office’s Stroudsburg lawyers strive to make themselves available to serve their clients at their client’s convenience. Our attorneys can make themselves available for daytime, evening or weekend appointments in our Stroudsburg office. Our lawyers practice in the State, County, Appellate, Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and the Federal Court systems. Your legal needs can addressed by our lawyers vast and diverse experience. We are well versed in the Monroe county local rules, as well as Carbon, Northampton, Pike and other local counties.

Our Stroudsburg lawyers’ areas of experience include:

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Stroudsburg and throughout the Poconos

  • Bankruptcy Law – Our Bankruptcy attorneys help with foreclosure, tax sales, credit cards, car repossessions, and more. Fisher & Fisher Law Offices bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience fighting for and advising in bankruptcy proceedings and related legal matters. You may have searched for zero down bankruptcy lawyers near me which is uncommon to find. Or perhaps you searched for cheap chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers near me. Rest assured we understand you are in financial difficulty.

    We are an affordable bankruptcy lawyer option and our consultations are free. If you’ve been looking for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney near me via google or other channels in Stroudsburg, or for a chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy attorney in the Poconos, we can consult with you. Many of our clients have found the “Affordable bankruptcy attorneys near me” they were looking for in our Stroudsburg, Mount Pocono, Cresco and Gouldsboro offices over the years throughout the Poconos. We are the experienced, convenient, northeast Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorneys you can trust.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help for Stroudsburg Residents Facing Foreclosure

    The most important thing for many in Stroudsburg filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is to keep their home and be free of the burden of debt by way of a bankruptcy discharge. Often Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings are able to clear the following away completely: personal loans, unpaid bills, credit card debts, judgments, and payment delinquency after a car repossession. Although sole proprietor and similar businesses in Stroudsburg and the Poconos don’t generally get a discharge in these situations, corporations and partnerships can often file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to liquidate and close their business. Hoeowners can receive a free consultion to stop the painful cycle of debt left by a foreclosure in the Poconos.

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Help for Stroudsburg Businesses

    Stroudsburg corporations, sole proprietors, and business partnerships wishing to stay in business and restructure their financial dealings may be able to file for a bankruptcy called a Chapter 11. Businesses in these situations are in the majority of cases trying to restructure their debts when things have gotten tough. This can be done with two methods:

    Reducing their debt
    Extending the time allotted to repay the debts

    Chapter 11 Bankruptcy plans are also put in place to liquidate the debtor’s assets This can be done for just a portion of the assets or all of them. If you are experiencing difficulties with business finances in the Stroudsburg area, call our experienced and competent bankruptcy attorneys to help and learn your options.

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help Stop Monroe County Tax Foreclosure in Stroudsburg, PA

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases can often allow Stroudsburg residents with dependable income sources to restructure their finances. The person filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will propose a payment plan to reimburse a portion of or all debt. Once a structured repayment plan is set up and operating, creditors aren’t able to pursue any debt collection efforts. These efforts may often include foreclosure (in Stroudsburg or elsewhere in the Poconos) or repossession of a car or truck.

    Another benefit sometimes available with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plan is the ability to cut Stroudsburg/Pocono mortgage taxes and stop home foreclosures and tax sales. Please understand only individuals and sole proprietor business people are eligible for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. This type of bankruptcy filing is often simpler and considerably less expensive than a Chapter 11. Fisher & Fisher Law Offices is glad to assist clients via the bankruptcy legal code for those facing Stroudsburg, PA debt collections, tax issues, foreclosure, and more.

Criminal Lawyers for DUI/DWI, Traffic, Drug, Arrest, Felony Charges, Misdemeanors in Stroudsburg

  • Criminal Law – which includes DUI/DWI, traffic citations, drug arrests, felony charges and misdemeanors. Our criminal attorneys fight hard for the rights and protection of our clients. Whether you need a traffic representation in Stroudsburg PA, a DUI attorney, or a lawyer for full felony criminal proceedings; we can help.

    DUI is one of the most common criminal proceedings where people need solid, caring representation. When searching for a northeast PA DUI attorney, you should look for experience and a proven track record which we have. Don’t just go with any attorney near me from a google search. Call Fisher & Fisher for a free consultation. We have years of experience and can advise you to let you know what your best plan of action is moving forward in your legal proceedings.

    Some people ask themeselves, “Is it worth getting a lawyer for a DUI?” The answer is unequivocally Yes.

    Many people may initially ask how to fight a DUI without a lawyer or where to find a free DUI attorney, but those are uncommon and the stakes are high. Fines and jail time are quite common with DUI offenses. With competent representation these can often be minimized or at times avoided altogether.

Family Lawyers for Divorce Proceedings, Child Custody & Support, Alimony, Property Settlements, Adoption

  • Family Law – Fisher & Fisher attorneys routinely work in divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, property settlement agreement, and adoption proceedings. Our divorce attorneys in Stroudsburg know the ropes when it comes to both amicable and non-amicable separations and the associated legal matters.

Personal Injury Attorneys Handling Car & Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, and Social Security Disability Claims

  • Personal Injury Law – Our PI attorneys go to work when you’ve experienced car accidents, truck accidents, defective products, wrongful death, social security disability claims, and other serious injury matters. Our experienced attorneys have obtained millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for our clients over the years.
  • The immediate few days after you’ve suffered from a personal injury are ciritical to you getting the help and compensation you need and deserve. Whether you’ve been involved in a slip & fall incident, auto accident, truck accident, boating incident, dog bite incident, medical malpractice, or any other type of accident, the help you receive right away is critical in setting the stage for speeding up your recovery, mazimizing your claim, and protecting your rights. 
  • In almost every personal injury case that an insurance company becomes involved in, a highly trained insurance company adjuster will make every effort to obtain every fact that will serve to lessen their liability and the damages paid to you. Most accident adjusters will almost without fail attempt to settle your case as speedily as humanly possible to lessen their liability. And they will do this without knowing or attempting to ascertain the full extent of your injuries and compensation needs. 
  • Please call Fisher & Fisher Law Offices today to protect your rights and aid in your best possible personal injury case’s outcome.

Attorneys for Estate Administration, Inheritance Tax, Wills, Probate, Power of Attorney, and Estate Planning

  • Wills, Trusts and Estates Law – Our attorneys handle Estate administration, Inheritance Tax Issues, Will preparation, Probate, Powers of Attorney, and estate planning. Consider us your go to tax attorney in Stroudsburg, PA and the Poconos.

Real Estate Lawyers Handling Closings, Contracts, House Closing Litigation, Tax Sales, and Property Tax Appeals

  • Real Estate Law – Our lawyers take care of closing representation, contract preparation, house closing litigation, tax sale litigation, and recently more and more property tax appeals. Talk to a real estate attorney with longtime experience in Monroe county, PA and the nearby surrounding counties.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Help You Prepare and File Needed SSI/SSD Appeals

  • Social Security Disability Law – Our SSI/SSD attorneys prepare and file appeal forms, documents, and necessary paperwork; forwarding the appropriate medical records/documents to the case examiner and/or judge; obtain additional & supportive reports or opinions from your medical providers to assist with your claim; and prepare you for potentially testifying before an administrative law judge at your social security disability hearing

If you are looking for an experienced Stroudsburg district lawyer, we can provide sound legal advice. Read our client attorney reviews in Google and elsewhere to see for your self. Contact Fisher and Fisher Law Offices for all of your legal needs.