Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm in Stroudsburg PA

Quiet valley farm is a living history museum located on . This is a non-profit farm that is reserved for various educational events such as tours, camps, and workshops, etc. It reflects the beautiful culture and values of how people managed to live in the 19th century.

The are basically just head west on Main St from Stroudsburg. However, directions may change depending upon the area from where you are approaching.

Quiet Valley Farm Events

Quiet valley farm organizes many different events throughout the year under the supervision of highly-experienced . Each of the events reflects the traditions, customs, and values of the people who lived there in the past.

is one of the most famous events. It is a 2-day event, in which more than 150 students between the ages of 6-18 years are allowed to explore the lifestyle of the 19th-century farmhouse. They are provided with useful workshops, raffles, and prizes that help them to get useful knowledge in a friendly environment.

, also known as Old Time Christmas, is a beautiful winter event, that highlights the old traditions of Christmas. It provides a fascinating view of 19th-century lantern light, delicious chocolate, and cookies, etc. You should plan a family trip to this amazing learning and historical place.

, also known as Harvest Festival, is a very interesting festival that mostly takes place in October. It helps you to learn the traditional skills of harvesting like weaving, spinning, and basket making, etc. Besides this, it also provides a lot of entertainment for the children.

The Pocono State Craft Festival is one of the most creative summer festivals that takes place at Quiet Valley in August. allows the participants to show their skills in the field of art and drawing.

In addition to these events organized in Quiet Valley, there are many other upcoming events in Stroudsburg. Some of the include Pizza and Growler Specials, Poker, Memorial Weekend, Finance Meeting, and many others.

Other Historical Places to Visit Near Stroudsburg, PA

Like the Quiet Valley Farm, there are many other historical that exhibit their own culture and traditions. Some of these farms are Henny Penny Farms, Whispering Hills Farm, and Moonshine View Farm, etc. The Pocono Snake and Animal Farm is a slightly different and adventurous type of farm. This farm contains a wide variety of animals and reptiles. Many people visit this farm with their children and spend a lovely time. The clearly show the love and affection people have towards these animals.

Many people come to find these farms and many other attractions by way of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, which is a non-profit and membership-based organization located at . This is an official destination marketing organization that is responsible for the promotion of tourism in the following four countries – Monroe, Pike, Wayne, and Carbon.

Another popular non-farm venue is the Sherman Theater, which is a not-for-profit hall used for various concerts and live events. It is located in downtown Stroudsburg, PA just a few miles away from Quiet Valley Farm. At the start, it was just an ordinary movie theater but gradually it got a lot of fame. The given by the community of Stroudsburg are many and high.

The is another popular market place located in Stroudsburg, PA. This market provides a piece of high-quality furniture, treasures, and antiques. If you want any kind of furniture type material for your apartment, try out this place.