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Adoption and Foster Care Lawyers/Attorneys

Adopting a child can be the most wonderful thing you could ever do and literally thousands of children are in need of a stable home and a loving family to raise and support them. If you are considering adoption or even becoming a foster parent, contact Fisher & Fisher Law Offices where our family law attorneys have 30 years experience assisting and guiding adopting parents in Northeast Pennsylvania, including Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Northampton Counties. Every state sets its own guidelines for adoption so you will need an attorney who has a thorough knowledge of Pennsylvania adoption laws.

Families interested in adopting or fostering must be at least 21 years old and must go through this process:

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You will have to attend training. In Pennsylvania, the actual number of hours will vary depending on the agency that you choose to work with. The purpose of the training is to help you understand how the child’s past experiences can affect them, to talk about issues such as grief and loss, to provide you with parenting techniques, to tell you about resources available to help you, and more.

Prospective foster and adoptive parents, plus all individuals older than 18 years old who reside in your home, will need the several different types of background checks: State criminal background check and child abuse clearances; a federal criminal history record check completed by submitting a one-time full set of fingerprints; and certification from statewide registry of child abuse in any state in which he or she has resided during the past five years.

  • Current physical that includes a tuberculosis test
  • References from non-family members
  • Safety check of your home

Work with a social worker in the agency that you choose so that he or she can complete a written document about your family’s strengths. This document is referred to as a “family profile” in adoption and a “home study in foster care.”

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Adoption is the legal transfer to and assumption by a third party through the Court system of all of the parental rights which a biological parent has to a child, after the termination of that biological parent’s rights. All legal obligations of the biological parent are assumed in their entirety by the adoptive parents, including the responsibility for the care and supervision of the child, his or her nurturing and training, his or her physical and emotional health, and his or her financial support. An adopted child has the same rights of inheritance as a biological child.

With regard to foster care, foster parents now have the right to file a petition to adopt a foster child in their care upon the termination of the biological parents’ legal rights.

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