Monroe County Bar Association in Stroudsburg PA

The Monroe County Bar Association was formed in 1915 when a formal constitution and by-laws were drawn up and developed by local attorneys and judges. The humble beginnings of the Bar Association began with the only thirteen members who started the association. In the 100 plus years since, the organization has grown to over 250 members. The members of the Monroe County Bar Association are considered leaders in the legal professions and in the local Stroudsburg and Monroe county communities they serve.

913 Main Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Phone: 570-424-7288
Fax: 570-424-8234

The Bar Association has a focus on continuing education opportunities for it’s members and the public, networking, social events, and community service. The MCBA as it is known, continues to expand benefits for the membership and the region.

The MCBA Mission Statement

“The mission of the Monroe County Bar Association is to maintain the honor and dignity of the profession of the law, to cultivate social interaction among its members and to increase its usefulness in promoting the due administration of justice.”

In support of this important mission, the Monroe County Bar Association strives to perform the following:
• Provide quality, continuing legal education programs
• Work with the Court and County government to improve administrative procedures in Monroe County Courts and related offices
• Provide opportunities for fellowship and networking among its members
• Promote high standards of civility, professionalism and ethical legal conduct
• Keep the community informed of the important role and work of the legal profession
• Provide opportunities for members to contribute to the community through public education and charitable giving

History of the Monroe County Bar Association

The original iteration of the Monroe County Bar Association was a humble, informal gathering of local Stroudsburg and Monroe county attorneys. Dating back to 1868, there were efforts aimed at forming an organization to assist it’s members with the goal of providing high quality legal services to the local community.

The Monroe County Bar Association was formed On April 19, 1915 when a constitution and by-laws were adopted. Subsequently on May 29 1915, the association was incorporated by the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe County. The first President of the Bar Association was Dr. Joseph Shull, Esquire. Attorney Joseph Shull was admitted to practice of law on May 31, 1878 and continued in his law career and field for nearly 60 years.

The original purpose of the MCBA according to the incorporation decree, was threefold – to maintain the honor & dignity of the law profession, to cultivate social & professional interaction among members, and to increase the promotion and due administration of justice.

In the 21st century the Monroe County Bar Association continues in it’s mission to assist its members and the general public of Monroe county by providing opportunities for continued interaction, further education, and community related & inspired services. The Bar Association continues to grow and maintains it’s permanent center at 913 Main Street in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18360.

In 2015 the MCBA celebrated it’s 100th anniversary. To learn more about the history on the Monroe County Bar Association, you can purchase and read “Celebrating 100 Years – A Reflection of our History”, a book available at the MCBA offices.

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